Diabetes UK

Diabetes.co.uk is a community website focusing on providing a comprehensive, supportive and independent experience for visitors from across the world.

Website: www.diabetes.co.uk

On Line Support for Type 1 Diabetes

It can be hard for those newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to know which websites to trust, so NHS England has made it easier by collecting all the useful NHS-trusted links in one place. The new pages help people with Type 1 diabetes to gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their condition.

Website: Type 1 Diabetes online support

The site provides links to practical help on injecting insulin and checking blood glucose levels – as well as useful advice around living with the condition.

Read the blog here

Diabetes Wellness & Research Foundation

Aims to support people with diabetes, through the provision of information and guidance, while the researchers we fund continue to work towards finding a cure.

Website: www.dwrf.co.uk

Diabetes Psychological Wellbeing Service (DPWS)

Supporting the emotional challenges of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Telephone: 01604657722

Please view the Diabetes Psychological Wellbeing Service (DPWS) Information leaflet for more information.