Weavers Medical Centre
Prospect House, Lower Street, Kettering NN16 8DN
Telephone: 01536 513494

Test Results

Blood Tests

Please go to the Pathology Department at Kettering General Hospital to have your blood test.  You do not need an appointment and you can attend from 8.30am for fasting blood tests and from 9.30am to 5.00pm for all others.  Please remember to take your blood form with you.

Alternatively you can make an appointment to come to the surgery by calling 01536 513494. 

Blood tests at the surgery can be pre-booked with the Health Care Assistant and we have a large number of appointments each day starting at 8.30am for those patients who need to fast for their test.  These blood test appointments are only 5 minutes long and so if you are just 5 minutes late, you will have missed your full appointment time and will need to book another one.

Due to the collection time of blood samples from the surgery, we no longer offer routine blood tests in the afternoon, but if a patient wishes to have a blood test taken in the afternoon they can go to the Pathology Department at Kettering General Hospital.

Investigation Results

When you have any tests done, the results will come back to your GP at the surgery.  He/She will then read these and mark them accordingly.  If you need treatment, or the Doctor needs to see you to discuss the results, we will contact you either by phone or by post.

Other than these reasons, we will not contact you.  It will be up to you to either come in or telephone the surgery for your results.

We are not able to give test results to anyone other than the patient unless we have written permission to say otherwise.  For children over 16 years, the results will not be given to the parents, only the patient.

Please telephone the surgery after 10.00am Monday to Friday to request test results. 

When you ring for your results, the receptionist will ask how many tests you have had taken.  It is useful if you have handy the pink slip the Nurse gave you when you had the tests done as this tells you exactly what tests were requested.