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NEW: Changes to General Practice

Dated: 7-Oct-16

You may know that it has become very difficult to recruit doctors to work as GPs - particularly in the East Midlands.  Some practices have advertised vacancies for over 12 months with no applications at all.

Partly as a result of this, the government has developed a new strategy for General Practice called the “GP Forward View”.

This looks at GPs working as part of larger organisations and larger teams of other medical professionals.

What does this mean for you?

  • Weavers Medical has always worked as a team of different health care professionals and we respect the huge skills of all our team.
  • The team may change over the next few years to include pharmacists, physiotherapists and so on.
  • More of your care can be delivered by other clinicians and not just by GPs so it is important that you see the correct person.
  • These health professionals have valuable skills which can help you to get the best care and get better more quickly.
  • The receptionists can help you to identify the health professional who is best able to help you - speak to them in order to understand who you need to see.
  • Appointments are in short supply so please cancel them if you do not need them - you can do this online if you register for our ‘Online Services’.

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