Weavers Medical Centre
Prospect House, Lower Street, Kettering NN16 8DN
Telephone: 01536 513494

Changes to how patients can book appointments

Weavers Medical is shortly to introduce a new way of working and booking appointments to help you see the clinician most appropriate to your needs.  To book an appointment for routine care of ongoing problems you will go through the same process as operates currently and be able to book up to six weeks in advance.  If you have a problem which needs to be dealt with as an emergency on the day our new system should ensure this is dealt with swiftly and smoothly by directing you to the most appropriate source of help.  To enable this we have asked the reception team to ask for some basic details of your problem, in just the same way as when attending A+E or calling 111.  In addition, and in order to increase the number of different specialists who are able to help with your problem, we will be working with two other practices, Eskdaill and Linden.  This means that you may talk to or see clinicians from those practices or even physiotherapists, pharmacists or mental health workers who will be working as part of our team.

It will still be possible to book appointments with nurses online from 7am if you have registered for ‘online services’ (See below)