Weavers Medical Centre
Prospect House, Lower Street, Kettering NN16 8DN
Telephone: 01536 513494


Changes to how patients can book appointments

Weavers Medical is shortly to introduce a new way of working and booking appointments to help you see the clinician most appropriate to your needs.  To book an appointment for routine care of ongoing problems you will go through the same process as operates currently and be able to book up to six weeks in advance.  If you have a problem which needs to be dealt with as an emergency on the day our new system should ensure this is dealt with swiftly and smoothly by directing you to the most appropriate source of help.  To enable this we have asked the reception team to ask for some basic details of your problem, in just the same way as when attending A+E or calling 111.  In addition, and in order to increase the number of different specialists who are able to help with your problem, we will be working with two other practices, Eskdaill and Linden.  This means that you may talk to or see clinicians from those practices or even physiotherapists, pharmacists or mental health workers who will be working as part of our team.

It will still be possible to book appointments with nurses online from 7am if you have registered for ‘online services’ (See below)

How to Book an Appointment

For same day appointments please ring at 8.00am.

You can ring at any time during our opening hours to make an appointment for a non-urgent appointment, or for a review of your existing condition, review of medication etc.

All nurse appointments, except emergency on-the-day appointments, can be pre-booked.

Doctors Surgeries

We offer a range of morning and afternoon appointments.  Individual surgeries are shown below:

Y = Doctor is in attendance

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Mistry Y Y Y Y  Y Y Y Y Y
Dr McManus Y
Y Y     Y
Dr Sansome Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y
Dr Poggi Y  Y Y     Y   Y   Y
Dr Dawson Y Y Y Y Y      Y Y
Dr Pavey  Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  Y
Dr Rudman  Y   Y   Y Y  

Dr Fletcher Y   Y        Y   Y Y

Dr Balloch      Y Y Y Y


The Appointments System

The surgery system for booking appointments is constructed to try to meet the needs of all patients.

We offer approximately 40,000 doctor appointments per year plus 8,000 for long-term conditions, 12,500 in the treatment room and for taking blood, 5,500 for contraception/family planning and cervical screening to our 18,500 patients. We try to manage these in the best way possible for the benefit of all our patients, those who have ongoing medical conditions, those who have an acute illness who need to be seen on the same day by either a nurse or a doctor, and those who need a follow-up appointment of an acute illness.

We are constantly reviewing and revising our appointment system to try and improve access for our patients.

Appointments System Overview

The surgery offers three types of GP appointment:

  • Advanced booking appointments which can be booked up to six weeks ahead with a choice of doctor (if they are available).
  • Appointments 48 hours in advance (if available). These are usually released after 1.00pm two days in advance.
  • If you need help on the day our emergency 'On-The-Day' team will help you. If you call with a problem on the day the receptionists will put you through to this team as necessary.

    If You Are Too Unwell To Come To The Practice

    Please call between 8.00 - 10.30am if you feel you need to be seen at home. A patient has the right to request a home visit, but it is the doctor who decides what course of action is most appropriate.  To help you in the most appropriate way one of the clinicians working with the emergency 'on the day' team will contact you to discuss the best way to help.

    Doctor Availability

    Please understand that all doctors work in the emergency ‘On-The-Day’ system on a rota system and sometimes are not available for routine consultations. Some doctors also offer other clinics such as family planning and minor operations, and some doctors work on a part-time basis, therefore, they can be unavailable for routine appointments.

    Reception staff manage the system as per the instructions of the doctors. If there are no appointments available to pre-book, they cannot book you in, but if you have a problem which you feel needs attention that same day, you will always be offered help from the On-The-Day team.

    Doctor Appointments

    Patients are able to request to see the GP of their choice. Patients may wish to see a particular practitioner for the purposes of continuing care, gender or ethnicity.

    It is a legal right of every patient to be able to request a particular GP, but they may have to wait a little longer to see them. The practice cannot force a patient to see a GP they do not wish to see. The patient may be asked to accept an alternative if, for example, the service required was now being provided by another health professional in the practice.

    All doctor appointments are 10 minutes long. If an appointment is required for a greater length of time the patient will have to discuss this with a doctor, as it is only the GP who can authorise booking an appointment for longer than the standard 10 minutes.